Welcome to the blog

First time here?  Take a look around!

  • Click on the class name in the menu above to see the latest assignments, missed notes, links, and other cool science stuff.
  • Look to the right ->  There you’ll find a link to the Environmental Science and Biology books.   Tip: If you hover your cursor over the link, you’ll see the login and password!   (sorry, no Earth Science online access.  If you need a book outside of class, you’re welcome to check one out from Mrs. A).
  • Also on the right ->  If you’re looking for your monthly science news articles, check out the rss feed for your subject.  Of course you can use other article sources, but this might be somewhere to start.
  • Take a moment to bookmark this page, we’ll use it often.
  • While you’re on the internet, login to Google and join my Google Classroom.  We’ll use this to turn in google docs, etc.  Follow the directions on the board to join.


Mrs. A’s Class Expectations still apply in the computer labs…

  1. Think for yourself
  2. Be respectful
  3. Be prepared
  4. Do your best
  5. Cell phones off and away unless given specific permission.  Stay on task!

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